Crystal Queen Online Casino Slot Machine Game In Frozen Fun

Crystal Queen is an online casino slot machine game created by QuickSpin. Featuring stunning graphics and a beautiful soundtrack, the game stands apart for the sheer amount of effort that has gone into its creation. In order to win, as with most slot machine games, the player must make an initial bet, then click to spin the reels. If the reels stop with winning matches displayed a payout will be granted, based on the total value of the matching sequence created. The game play uses an initial five reel, twenty line play system, but may expand and open up as the game progresses, according to the game’s special feature. Note that this game may be played on mobile phone, tablet, home computer and laptop, but has been specifically designed to take advantage of a touch screen. In order to play on your phone, simply download the application and tap the icon.

Stunning Visuals And Audio

The images of the Crystal Queen game have been created to reflect a beautiful world of snow and adventure. Each image, lovingly designed by a professional artist, aims to capture the player’s imagination and whisk them off to a magical fantasy land. This breathtaking visual design, combined with the enchanting soundtrack, come together to create a unique and entertaining online slot machine experience. Note also that many of the images animate when triggered, offering even greater entertainment value. Don’t forget that the bonus icons will grant massive payouts when matched in a winning sequence.

Crystal Queen Icons

The play icons include a beautiful redheaded girl, a handsome arctic explorer, the Crystal Queen herself, and a moose. These are played alongside the ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. The most valuable icon, the queen, will pay the biggest possible standard payout when matched with itself a maximum of five times. If a winning sequence is created it will be clearly identified by a solid line in the play area, indicating to the player which payout is to be made much like winning in online roulette.

Special Features And Bonus Icons

The most notable special feature of the game is the expanding play area feature. When the game begins the top three rows are blocked by ice, and may not be used to create sequences. As the game begins and a winning match is created, the bottom most row of ice will melt, allowing for an extra spin with an added percentage of winning. If a win is achieved this round, it will be with a times two multiplier, and the next row of ice will likewise melt. This can be done until all three rows of ice are melted, and a maximum multiplier of three is unlocked. If no wins are achieved during any step of this process, the ice will again become solid and block the rows. Note that there is also a wild tile, which may match with any other tile to create a winning match, as well as a bonus tile, which will grant multiple free spins if matched with itself at least three times.