Describing about Path Of The Wizard Slot Game

The Path of the Wizard slot machine game, created by Genesis Software, is a high quality online gambling game. It involves a well executed theme featuring battle mages, as well as an impressive interactive soundtrack. As with all slot machines, the player is required to make a bet, after which the reels will spin and matching sequences will payout. This game uses a five reel, twenty five line system, and has multiple special bonus mini-games.

Standard Playing Tiles

In the Path of the Wizard slot machine game the tiles are based around a magician theme. The four picture tiles, including a glowing knight, a dragon, a fairy, and a magician, are the most valuable in the game, and may be matched with themselves a maximum of five times for huge payouts. The magician is of the highest value, and should be welcomed when seen in the play area. The standard nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also used, but have the lowest standard value in the game. For more details about winning sequences, please view pays button in the game.

Magical Bonus Features

In the Path of the Wizard slot game there are multiple special features to be taken advantage of. The first is the wild tile, represented by a chest of gold. It may match with any other tile, except the scatter tile, to create winning sequences. The scatter tile, represented by the word Path of the Wizard, will trigger the bonus mini-game if matched with itself three times. During the mini game the player may choose from a number of hidden tiles. Behind each tile a prize is hidden, including a number of free spins and cash. The player may keep picking best pokies online, and may even reset the mini-game, whilst still retaining cash and free spins won. Upon the game finishing, the free spins will play out automatically, with each win achieved during the free spins being multiplied by the current wager. It goes without saying that the biggest wins in the game are achieved during the mini-game sequence.

Path Of The Wizard Slot Playing Platforms

A Platform of Your Choice

Like boxing betting NZ, the Path of the Wizard slot machine game is optimised for play on multiple modern platforms. These include mobile, phone tablet, home computer and laptop. If you would like to play on mobile phone, simply download the application and tap its icon to start. The user interface is designed for once touch functionality, meaning that modern smart phones are a viable game playing platform. Plus, with the bold design of the graphics, smaller mobile phone screens are catered for. Should you wish to play on home computer or laptop, you may simply open the game in a browser, including Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, the game will load automatically with no download to the hard drive required. If, however, the game fails to launch, it is essential to ensure that you have the Flash software installed, and that it is up to date.