Deuces Wild Multihand Video Poker

Deuces Wild Multihand is an online video poker game based on Deuces Wild. As the title suggests, this version of the game can be played with multiple hands.

The game has gone from a single player experience to a multiplayer experience, except you are every player

The Deuces Wild Multihand Wild Deuces

Deuces Wild Multihand features the main element that makes Deuces Wild what it is. You will have all four of the 2 cards act as wild cards.

This means that the 2’s can change their card value to take on the value of any of the standard deck cards. The inclusion of the four wild cards means that your odds and subsequently your pay outs are modified to suit your improved odds.

Deuces Wild Multihand Multiple hands

The main draw of this Deuces Wild Multihand variant is the fact that you can play with multiple card hands at the same time. You can make wagers on between 5 and 100 hands. It can be a bit tough to keep track of such large hands, but the option is there if you are brave enough.

Deuces Wild Multihand Game Play

Deuces Wild Multihand starts like any other video poker game. You place your wager and receive 5 cards. The cards are drawn randomly from a 52 card deck. These five cards can be held or discarded, depending on what your hand holds.

You can simply click on the card you want to keep, so that they are highlight. Next you click the hold button and those chosen cards will remain in your hand while the dealer deals out the amount of cards you still need to make up the 5 required cards.

Deuces Wild Multihand Doubling

Some Deuces Wild Multihand variations allow you to make a wager that will potentially double your cash payout. In order to take part in the Gamble feature you must first make a winning hand.

Before your cash is transferred into your player account at the online casino, you can first make an additional wager.

Click the Doubling button and be whisked off to a new screen. Here a card will be drawn by the dealer from standard deck. 5 cards are placed in front of the player and he or she draws one of the four face down cards. If you win, you can walk away with doubled pay outs. If you lose however, you will lose your entire win amount.

Winning Pay Outs In Deuces Wild Multihand

The basic win in Deuces Wild Multihand video slot is triggered by a three-of-a-kind hand. That means that simply landing pairs will not get you very far in this video pokies online NZ game.

The highest pay out in the game is offered by a natural Royal Flush (which is a Royal Flush dealt in the first hand) second in value is Fours Deuces, or if you prefer, four wilds.

With up to 100 hands and real money wagering, Deuces Wild Multihand is a very exciting video poker proposition.