A Glance at the Difference Between Cricket and Rugby Betting for NZ Punters

While all sports betting has one thing in common, the aim that the punter sees a good return, there are different sports which require a different approach. The best way to analyse these is to study the information available for the sporting event in question, reviewing the formats for the game, the way the tournaments are structured, and then getting to grips with the most popular markets available for these.

The Formats for Cricket Games

New Zealand Cricket, known formerly as the New Zealand Cricket Council, is the governing body for the world of professional cricket in this country. This game enjoys the highest profile, and largest amount of popularity for summer sports.

NZC operates the cricket team for New Zealand, and organises Test Tours as well as 1 Day Internationals with other countries that play the sport. It is also in charge of organising domestic cricket in New Zealand, including the Plunket Shield 1st Class competition, the Ford Trophy Domestic 1 Day competition, and the HRV Cup contest.

Mr David White is the CEO of cricket in New Zealand, and Mr Kane Williamson is the present captain for the Black Caps in all forms of cricket, after succeeding Brendon McCullum after his 2015 retirement.

Rugby Formats and Tournaments

New Zealand’s rugby union is structured into 4 tiers:

  1. The topmost tear is made up of the national representative teams, with the men’s squad, the All Blacks, situated at the pinnacle, and then followed by the Junior and Maori All Blacks. These sides are administered by the New Zealand Rugby Union, or NZRU.
  2. Super Rugby is at the next level, and there are 5 NZ sides here, each representing a different part of the country.
  3. Provincial rugby is on the 3rd Each of the provinces has a representative side that either competes in the semi-professional ITM Cup or the amateur Heartland Championship.
  4. The 4th, and lowest, tier is made up of clubs, which compete in local leagues which are organised by a provincial union.

The Markets Punters Most Enjoy Cricket Betting on

The markets punters from New Zealand and the rest of the world most enjoy are made up of can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. Match bets

Match winner, test match end, and completed match wagers

  1. Innings wagers

Total runs, session runs, and top team batsman bets

Cricket Bets

The Most Popular Markets for Rugby

When it comes to markets for rugby betting in New Zealand, the most well-liked ones are match odds wagers, handicap bets, guesses as to the winning margins, and the first score of play.

The Further Differences between Betting on Rugby and Cricket

The general rules which punters are advised to follow as far as betting is concerned will differ when it comes to rugby and cricket as well:

  • Rugby betting

You should make sure that you are totally up to speed as far as the competition rules are concerned, and take full advantage of handicap markets. Study both the current and historical form of the teams taking part in a match you are interested in betting on, and pay attention to styles of play as well.

  • Cricket betting

Like intelligent bettors in the USA at https://bettingonlineusa.org/cricket, punters should know the players, their various skill-sets, and the conditions and formats such as t20 cricket,  they prefer. Learn how to read a pitch, and understand the impact of weather, and study the statistics and past results at the specific ground the match will be held at.