King Arthur Is Still a Beautiful Slot Game From Microgaming

It may have been released back in 2010, but King Arthur from Microgaming is still one of the most beautifully illustrated and coloured slots available, even without any shiny 3D effects. In a jewelled gold frame, King Arthur and Guinevere face each other in front of Camelot, their costumes and surroundings a riot of colour. Between them hang the five reels, displaying three windows each, filled with even more ornate symbols. The sword Excalibur, part of the King Arthur logo, hangs over the scene.

King Arthur features 20 adjustable pay lines, with bets per line that can be adjusted in several increments between 5 and 100 coins. It also has a unique Reverse Play feature, allowing players to wager on no winning combinations or Scatters coming up on a spin, in which case they win a prize.

Even the Poker Symbols Are Exquisite

Like many slots, King Arthur renders its low values as Poker symbols, but these are more intricately decorated than most. Detailed illuminated designs and multi-coloured motifs turn the 10, J, Q, K and A into works of art. Three 10s pay a prize of 2 coins, and the best prize from this selection is 150 coins for five As.

There are two high-value symbols; the Lady of the Lake’s arm bearing the sword Excalibur aloft, and the jewelled golden Holy Grail. They pay 10, 50 or 200 coins and 15, 100 or 300 coins, respectively, for matches of three, four or five of a kind.

Two Multifunctional Wilds Boost Wins

Merlin is the first King Arthur Wild, substituting for any ordinary symbols to make winning combos. All-Merlin combos starting on Reel 1 also win 5, 100, 1,000 or 5,000 coins for matches of two, three, four or five.

Another Wild, featuring an armed King Arthur, also appears at random and doubles any wins it features in. For its own combos, the King Arthur Wild wins 15, 200, 2,00 or 10,000 coins for two, three, four or five of a kind.

Two Bonus Symbols Create More Action

The King Arthur Scatter is Excalibur stuck in the stone. When three or more appear anywhere on the reels, the player wins an immediate prize of up to 800 coins. A hand then tries to pull each sword out of its stone; each sword that comes free increases the subsequent multiplier. Depending on how many swords come free, a multiplier of up to X32 is added to the win.

A view of turreted Camelot is the second Bonus symbol. It also wins an immediate coin bonus for three or more; up to 1,600 coins for five Camelots. In addition, three icons are enough to trigger the Camelot Bonus, which sends King Arthur home from his quest on a new screen. The mobile betting Kenya player can influence his direction to an extent, and the gate at which he finally arrives home determines the size of the multiplier added to the win. It can be as high as X4, which applied to the top bonus of 1,600 coins, is pretty impressive.