King Kong: Skull Mountain New Online Slot

In King Kong: Skull Mountain from Amaya Gaming, players have the option of choosing how many credits they want to use per spin. At the bottom of the screen, there is an indication of how many credits you have available. Remember that you can always get more credits, and this is done via the interface at the online casino where you are playing King Kong: Skull Mountain New. Above the credit balance, you can then select the block for how many credits you want to wager on the following spin. You can choose from 25, 50, 75, 100, or up to 125 credits.

Also look all the way on the left of screen, and there you will see a little window that allows you to adjust the credit value. In King Kong: Skull Mountain, online slot players can choose whether they want to use a low value credit, or whether they want to make credits their maximum value. This is all down to your playing style, or what type of game strategy you like to make use of.

All the way on the right of the screen is a little window that shows the current value of your winnings. Every time you win something, this tally will increase. At any stage you could decide to withdraw your winnings. This is fairly simple to do, and most online casinos provide a number of different options for both making deposits, and also for withdrawing any of your winnings. The choice is all yours when you do decide to cash out.

King Kong Paytable

In the King Kong: Skull Mountain New online slot paytable, you can see what all the game symbols are, as well as what they pay out. Some of the symbols will pay out if you land just 2 of them. This applies specifically to the character symbols. For all of the high playing card symbols, right the way from 10 up to Ace, you need to land at least three of these in a row to claim a win. For instance, if you land 5 Ace symbols in a row, you can get a win of 200, while five of the 10 symbols will pay out 50 credits.

If you can land 5 of the gorilla symbols, you will get a payout of 500 credits, whereas 2 gorillas will pay out 2 credits. All of these factors should be considered when you play King Kong: Skull Mountain New. Remember that the paytable can be referred to at any stage, and so you can actually check up on things while you are playing.

King Kong: Skull Mountain Bonus

There is a wild symbol in King Kong: Skull Mountain. This wild is able to replace or substitute all of the other slot symbols with the one exception of the Gate symbol. The Gate symbol in this case is actually the game’s scatter symbols. However, the gate symbol actually triggers the bonus feature that is on offer in King Kong: Skull Mountain. The bonus feature has the potential of creating new winning combinations.