NRL Sports Betting Option Explained for Punters

Australia’s NRL, or National Rugby League, is well-respected all over the world, and a source of patriotic pride for Rugby fans in Australia. It runs like a well-oiled machine, and spectators can be sure of clean, world-class games whenever they watch. For many, by adding a sports bet NRL matches become even more immersive and involving. To find out more about this world, read on here.

Betting Seasons in the NRL

There are different NRL seasons, and for those wanting to place a sports bet NRL bookies usually focus on Premiership and Finals games, rather than pre-season or representative clashes. The premiership lines up the 16 Clubs in the League, and the last 2 standing go head-to-head in the NRL Grand Final.

The regular games of the Premiership are played each weekend (running from Friday to the next Monday night) for 26 weeks, usually from early March to late September. Every time a team wins they earn points, and a draw gets them 1. Within the play-off season there are several specially-themed weeks such as the Roone Coote Cup which pits the Roosters and the Rabbitohs against each other. At the end of the season, the teams in the top 8 ladder positions proceed to the Grand Final. The team in the first position at this point takes the title of minor premier. The Grand Final is staged at the Stadium Australia in Sydney, and is truly an Olympic-sized events with several special traditions of its own.

Betting Options in the NRL

For those looking to place wagers in online NRL betting, options are many and varied. Different wagers are suited to different skill levels and budgets, so everyone should be able to make a sports bet NRL style. To start with, there are simple single bets such as Head-to-Head wagers, where punters simply put money on the team they think will win, and Over/Under bets. Here, bettors just need to predict whether the final of a game will be over or under what is predicted by the bookie. These are simple stakes, but are a great way to get to know teams, players and the factors that influence their performance, and can be very rewarding as well. They are recommended as a starting point for novices and should make up the bulk of a seasoned expert’s budget too.

For something a little trickier, punters should consider Margin bets once they have gained a little insight. These wagers require that the margin of the leading team at full, half or quarter time is predicted, so only fans who feel they have a real understanding of both contesting teams and how the squads interact with each other should attempt these. Handicap or Line bets will also interest more experienced punters who understand a team’s performance, as these wagers even the playing field by assigning a handicap start to the side who doesn’t have the head start.

Exotic Single bets are especially common in the special events games of the premiership, and usually require specific predictions such as a team’s precise final score. Multiple and Double bets are similar, but even more challenging because they involve more than 1 variable (also called a leg). All legs must win for punters to be paid out. For example, if the first try scorer in a game and the winning team’s margin are both predicted, these must both come true. There are many bets punters can place, and the longer they spend time in research, the more they will understand their options, and the right time to use each one.