A New and Exciting Online Poker Variant – Tequila poker

Poker is a much-loved card game, played for fun, enjoyment, or skill at both land-based and online casinos all over the world. It is a game that exists in a dozen different forms and varieties, all with their own individual rules, special features, and offering a different level of fun and excitement.

Tequila poker, a rather recent addition to the poker world, is adapted uniquely to online play, and it is only available at online casinos. This makes mobile online tequila poker extremely popular, and a well-loved game on all mobile devices.

The Way of the Game

Mobile online tequila poker is basically a combination of two very popular card games, poker and blackjack, and is designed uniquely to be played by an individual. This makes it perfect for online play, as there is no worry about other players and any sort of interaction.

In mobile online tequila poker, the game begins with the player placing an initial bet, which is called the Ante bet. The player is then dealt four cards, which are all placed face up. After having looked at the cards, the player can decide on one of three options. Firstly, the player can choose to fold, in which case the Ante bet will be lost. Secondly, the player can choose to play regular tequila poker, and, thirdly, the player can choose to play high tequila.

If the player chooses the second or third option, then an additional wager, equal in value to the Ante bet, must be placed. Thereafter, the player will receive two more cards, giving the player a hand with a total of six cards.

Whether or not the player holds a winning hand will depend on whether regular tequila poker or high tequila has been chosen, but in both cases only the five best cards out of the total of six will be chosen.

Regular and High Tequila Poker

As mentioned, players opting to play mobile online tequila poker have the choice of regular or high tequila poker.

In regular poker sites, a winning hand is judged according to the same rules as regular poker, and a player must hold a pair of Aces or a better hand to be able to win. In tequila poker, the value of cards is judged slightly differently, and the Ace counts as eleven, the face cards are valued at ten, and all the other cards are valued at their face value. Here, a player must have a hand with a value of forty-six or higher to be able to win.

In order to choose whether mobile online tequila poker should be continued as regular tequila poker or move on to high tequila, players have devised a few strategies. Generally, it is considered that if the first four cards contain a pair or have potential to make up a straight or a flush, players should continue with regular tequila poker. However, if the first four cards make up a total of twenty-eight or higher, then high tequila should be taken. If neither of those possibilities are on the table, then it is better for the player to fold and play again.