Pirates Gold Deluxe Online Slot in Detail

Pirates Gold Deluxe is a non-progressive classic Slots machine, developed and produced by Electrade Ltd and OpenBet. It has a similar feel to the traditional pub-style Fruit Machines that are still popular on land and in online casinos today, complete with all of the same nudges and holds they are known for. However, unlike these Fruit Machines, in this game players are actually not in control of these features and they unfold automatically without any manual input. This means the game is based much more on chance than skills, as most Slots machines in the world are, and it could almost be seen as a crossover between pub-inspired Fruit Machines and other classic-style reel-spinning games.

Game Look and Feel

Just as its name suggests, Pirates Gold Deluxe slot has a buccaneering theme which is carried through in various different ways. The well-rendered background graphics feature a sword-brandishing pirate and a parrot standing on a ship with blue skies above, with the parrot holding the wooden steering wheel. A treasure chest, crab and some cannonballs complete the scene.

Pirates Gold Deluxe Slot Look and Feel

The reels themselves are set into some type of wooden chest with the skilfully-designed symbols all relating to the pirate theme as well, including treasure chests, skulls and crossbones, parrots wearing pirate hats, cannon balls, compasses, steering wheels and treasure maps marked with red Xs. The Pay Table is displayed on the right of the screen, with a backdrop designed to look like a piece of old parchment that has been rolled into a scroll. The amount that a player has won, as well as how much they have bet overall and a useful Help button, are all clearly marked on the screen.

Features and Figures

As is the very definition of a Classic online Slots game, there are no Special Features, Multipliers or Bonus Rounds in Pirates Gold Deluxe. There is 1 more reel in the game as compared to 3-reel slots at https://canadiancasinoonline.org/mobile, and having 4 reels to spin does increase players’ winning opportunities. There is only 1 payline, and only 1 coin can be wagered at a time. The coin value range is 10 to 100, and the top Jackpot is 1000x the original stake. This is triggered when 4 Treasure Chests line up on the Payline.

Alternate Mode Option

Pirate’s Gold Deluxe slot on the web gives players the choice between Regular and Alternate game modes. In the Regular mode any 4 matching symbols award a prize, with Cannon Balls awarding the smallest and Treasure Chests awarding the biggest. In the Alternate Mode, any other combination is a winner. It’s a lot more likely that configurations other than 4 identical symbols will be spun, so the odds of winning in the Alternate mode are considerably higher than winning in the Regular mode. However, the payouts for Alternate mode wins are also quite a lot lower than for Regular mode wins, and players need to decide how to balance these 2 factors. They will feel more confident in doing so as they spin the reels of Pirates Gold Deluxe more and more.