Placing Bets From Your Mobile!

New Zealand, being a small country, does not have as many sports events as its larger neighbour Australia, and so many punters in New Zealand wish to places bets on sports events and races that are happening in Australia across the Tasman Sea. This can be done via online betting sites. Both the New Zealand TAB and international sites offer wagers on Australian games and events, with a number of different odds as well as various different incentives for joining them.

Finding A Site

Finding an online betting site that offers mobile betting Australia for punters in New Zealand can be done as long as one has access to a stable Internet connection and a suitable device. Using your chosen web browser, simply search for mobile betting Australia sites and choose one from the number of options which that comes up. There will be a great many results on your screen, so be sure to pick one would suits both your needs, and your taste in sports.

Once you have found a site that offers mobile betting Australia, you will have to join them by creating a membership in order to prove that you are legally allowed to place wagers online.  To create a membership with the site, you will most likely have to provide proof of identification as well as possibly a credit card and a verifiable email address.

Choice of Sports

Australia is known for its wide range of sports and events on which one can place wagers, both from New Zealand and from the actual continent of Australia itself. Mobile betting Australia offers you a chance to place a wager on pretty much any of the sports that are being offered in Australia at the time.  Popular sports include such things as rugby, football, horse racing and greyhound racing. There are a number of different kinds of bets that one can place on the sport as well, not all of which are offered by every single site however. It is always a good idea to make sure that the site you choose not only offers the sport on which you wish to bed, but also the type of wager which you wish to place with AFL premiership betting odds.

Live Betting and Streams

Online betting of various sports allows punters access to both live betting and streaming. Live betting is where you can place a bet on a sports game or a race as the actual event is happening. This is especially popular in games such as football and rugby, where one can change one’s initial bet half way through the game depending on how the teams are playing. Streaming is live coverage of the sport provided by the online site with which one is placing the wager. The site will have a live video stream so that punters can watch the race or the match as it happens in real time and change their bets accordingly.

Online Incentives

Mobile betting Australia from New Zealand offers the Punters a chance to make use of the various online incentives that are offered by a number of sites. These incentives range from things such as welcome bonuses, to no deposit bonuses. Most of these incentives involve giving new punters a reward for creating a membership with the site.  These rewards are usually an amount of free cash with which one can use to wager on a sport of choice. A welcome bonus is a certain amount to which the site will match your initial deposit or two, while no deposit bonuses are a small amount of free cash with which to place a wager.