Strictly Slots – a Magazine for Poker and Slots Players at a Glance

Founded in 1998, Strictly Slots is a popular magazine aimed at both poker and slot players. The magazine covers a broad range of content, including the history of poker and casino games, strategies for players, reviews related to casinos, and all the news about the casino world. The magazine can also be found online in the form of an app that anyone can download on to their smart phone or tablet. Strictly Slots requires a monthly subscription in order for players to view its content.

Strictly Slots Website

In 2012 Strictly Slots created and released its own website online, conveying all the information found in the magazine to a much wider audience. Slot and poker enthusiasts can visit the website to find information about all the latest casino news, as well as which online casinos are rated the highest by the Strictly Slots team. Famous casino authors add their content to the site and the magazine regularly, with the likes of Bob Dancer, Jeffrey Compton, Frank Legato, and Frank Scobleto among the few writing for Strictly Slots.

Visiting the website will also allow players to find a collection of special casino offers and deals for both online and mobile platforms, allowing players to grab deals that aren’t available anywhere else.

Strictly Slots Goes Mobile

The magazine was ported to mobile not long after the website was launched, and can be found on both Android and Apple devices. The app can be downloaded on to the player’s device, and gives full access to all the content found on the website. Alternatively, players can instead load up the website through the browser on their smart phone directly, avoiding the need to make any downloads.

Strictly Slots Goes Mobile

Strictly Slots Programs

The team at Strictly Slots create content that help the average slot or poker player improve their strategies and chances of winning. One of the programs involved is the Strictly Slot Certification Program. This program searches through all online casino databases and the games they offer, and will highlight to the public any slot machines that offer the best returns. This is done with payback percentages, where the program shows what kind of percentage returns they can expect to receive when using the machine. This means players can use only slot machines that guarantee some sort of winnings, with the program only identifying machines that have between a 95% and 100% return.

This program was started by a company known as River Palms, in order to differentiate the casino from other brands. This program was intended to en sure that all their customers know that River Palms slot machines give the best returns. The program generated a large amount of promotion for River Palms, and was considered an overall success.

Strictly Slots Overview

Strictly slots is the first magazine in the United States that was created solely for slot and poker players, and to this day it provides a plethora of information about everything that is going on in the thrilling world.