Superman Online Slots Machine Introduced to Internet Players

Superheroes have always had a place in the minds of people, giving them hope when there is none, strength when weakness has set in and courage in the face of fear. We have idolized these larger than life characters for their abilities to rise above the petty squabbles of man and find a calling greater than themselves.

One of the biggest and most notable of all the superheroes around is that of Superman, the man of steel himself. Perhaps it was because it was one of the first characters to become visually realised on screen and through comic books that made this character such a popular one, or perhaps it was simply the he was capable of doing so much more than any other hero.

This slot game from Amaya gaming has 5 reels and up to 50 adjustable pay lines, as well as a cool selection of betting options laid out neatly beneath the reels. The whole slot has a comic book vibe to it, which lends to the theme of Superman well. There are even several bonus features that have been rolled up to fit the theme and can also win a tidy sum when triggered. Overall this is tidy work from the Amaya gaming guys and girls.

The Kryptonian Bonus Features in Superman Slot

There are several cool bonus features to be found in this Superman slot game like punters receive in online cricket betting at There’s a Wild symbol, represented boldly through the man of steel himself. This symbol can bot only substitute for other game symbols to come winning combinations, it also doubles all wins made with it. There is also a 10000 coin jackpot attached to this symbol.

The Scatter bonus symbol triggers the free spins feature, which rewards 10 free spins with a 5 times multiplier attached to Wild wins during this feature. This happens when the symbol appears on the middle 3 reels.

The bonus game feature of Superman slot is triggered randomly and only if all 50 pay lines are active and the additional bonus bet is made. The players are then transported to a screen where they must fly through a meteor cluster to reach 3 metal doors. Pick one to reveal either terminating kryptonite, prize awarding hostages or up to 100 times multiplier imbuing Lex Luther.

The Man of Steel Theme in Superman

Superman has been around since the mid 1930s and has largely led the way in making comic book fan culture what it is today. Amaya gaming have captured some of that essence for their Superman slot here, with its original comic book styled graphics and a backdrop of metropolis, the reels do carry an atmosphere about them. There are some sound effects to accompany the reels and action happening upon them, as well as the occasional cinematic to add to the graphical lustre.

Like any visually strong skit game the symbols themselves play a central role to the whole experience. With a slot like Superman and the theme it carries, the symbols practically draw themselves. Still Amaya have done well, with the likes of Kryptonite, Clark Kent’s glasses, the Daily Planet, Lois Lane, Lex Luther and the Man of Steel himself all making appearances on the reels.