The Smartphone- Tablet War

Online gambling is already getting bigger and bigger as more and more people discover it. You can win big from your very own home, and at any time of day. However, online gambling itself has a new form that makes it even more convenient – mobile gambling. Now, not only can you gamble from your very own home, but if you own a smartphone or a tablet, you can gamble anywhere there is Internet! As the market for smartphones and tablets grows, and as Internet access spreads, it is predicted mobile gambling will become the foremost way for people to gamble online.

Smartphones Or Tablets?

So you’re sold – mobile gambling is the future of the game. But if you’ve got both a smartphone and a tablet, how do you decide which to use? Are smartphones or tablets better for online gambling?

Well, either way, developers have got you covered – there is a wide range of gambling apps for both smartphones and tablets, which you can download from your preferred mobile casino. Choosing whether to play on a smartphone or tablet may depend less on one blanket judgement, and more on a combination of factors. One of these is which devices you own – When it comes to Android and Apple products, there are many apps available for both smartphones and tablets. However, if you own a Blackberry phone, you might want to play on your tablet instead, as there aren’t as many apps available for Blackberry. Whatever smartphone and tablet you have, check which apps are available for your devices before choosing which one is going to be your gambling buddy.

Excitement For Your Eyes

If you still can’t decide, something else to consider is the visual quality. No one would choose to watch a movie on a smartphone rather than a tablet. Tablets, with their larger screens, will give you a more exciting and comfortable visual experience than smartphones. So all else being equal, if you struggle with the size of smartphone screens, or if you like the visual experience of online slots Canada gambling, go for your tablet instead of your phone.

Where Do You Want To Play?

However, there is something else to consider: where are you planning to do your mobile gambling? On your break at work or on the way home? At the pub? At home? At a friend’s house? Once you’ve answered that, think about whether it is practical to take your tablet to all the places you are planning to gamble. The answer to this very much depends on the kind of person you are. Do you mind carrying around extra clunky objects?

Are you concerned for your valuables in certain areas?. Most people bring their smartphones almost everywhere they go, but tablets are a different story at

It’s Your Decision

The ultimate decision is yours to make. Unfortunately we can’t give you a blanket answer – both tablets and smartphones have pros and cons. Not all smartphones offer the same variety of mobile casino apps. Tablets may be better visually for mobile gambling, but are not always practical to bring along if you are planning on playing on the move. To make the decision, you need to think about yourself and your lifestyle and how mobile gambling is going to fit into it.