The Ultimate Entertainment Betting Guide

Sports betting is one of the most well-entrenched industries in the world, being worth billions of dollars and enjoyed by countless millions of people. But a new trend is one the rise: entertainment betting – and it’s becoming more popular with each passing month.

Entertainment betting can be a fun and exciting way to spend some time when there are no major sports events in the works, allowing bettors to scratch that itch – but first let’s break down what entertainment betting is and how it works.

Entertainment Betting: What Is It?

Like sports betting, entertainment betting involves taking out a wager on a particular outcome, but in this case, rather than putting money down on a sporting event, it’s aimed more toward entertainment. The entertainment in question can be just about anything – but it almost entirely centred around television and streaming shows. While it is a bit niche, it offers movie and TV buffs a great opportunity to indulge in a little wagering while flexing their knowledge on their favourite entertainment. Before investing too heavily into investment betting, it should be noted that at the moment, betting limits tend to be much lower than in other markets, so it’s not a way of making serious amounts of money, but that’s likely to change as it becomes more popular around the world.

A good example of a bet would be wagering on what will happen next in a popular television series, or what kind of rewards that series will win at the next awards event. Like other kinds of betting, there are already plenty of online bookmakers offering bets covering entertainment, and it’s easy enough to find them with a bit of digging online.

Popular Entertainment Bets

Money line Bet

The well known money line bet is very much available for entertainment betting, but instead of putting money down on a player or team that’s may potentially win a match, here a bettor will instead bet on which character, show, or actor is most likely to win. It’s important to read all information when it comes to entertainment betting, as they can be somewhat confusing and easily misinterpreted. Opportunities arise during the awards season, where it’s possible to wager on which movie or show will win “Best Film” or “Best Director”. Alternatively, it’s also possible to bet on the infamous Razzie Awards, which focus on the worst entertainment around rather than the best.

Prop Bet

Prop betting is another popular type of entertainment bet, and is considered by the most fun by fans. Some of the wagers involved here can be downright strange, with one of the weirdest being death match-ups. Here, money is put down on which character in a show is most likely to die first, and while it may be a bit morbid for some, it’s just another option for those that like playing unusual bets. There are many other prop bets available, each one offering something unique for the bettor to enjoy.