What are the Mirror Magic Slot Game Details

The Mirror Magic slot, developed by Genesis Software, is a unique, well made online casino game with a startling special feature. The graphics and animation are of highest quality, and sound deign professionally created to add a sense of mystery. The game uses a five reel, twenty five line play system, with bet amount and lines adjusted via the menu button, which can be found on the left of the screen. The game is available to play for free or for real money using MasterCard etc., as the player prefers.

Standard Play Symbols

The Mirror Magic slot machine game has a set of very well drawn play symbols, with each featuring a mirrored version of itself in the bonus feature. The standard symbols include a butler, a cleaning lady, a farmer, an old crone, and an old beggar. The butler is the most valuable icon in the standard play mode. There is also a wild symbol, represented by a jester, who can match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence. For example, two old crone symbols may match with a jester to create a winning sequence of three old crones. Note, however, that the jester may never match with the scatter symbol, which is represented by the sorceress with the crystal ball.

Mirrored Magic Bonus System

If the scatter symbol is matched three, four or five times the bonus feature of the game is triggered, with ten, fifteen or twenty free spins granted to the player, respective to the level of the sequence. During these free spins the picture symbols in the game are all replaced, with each character becoming a mirrored version of themselves that has a much greater value. The old crone, for example, becomes a beautiful young woman, with the value of the symbol increasing dramatically. The old farmer becomes a handsome young knight, and so on with each symbol in the game. Once the free spins have played out the symbols revert back to their original less valuable form.

Mirror Magic Slot Playing Platforms

Playing Platforms Available

Like 75 Ball Bingo, the Mirror Magic slot machine is available for all modern platforms, including mobile phone, tablet, home computer and laptop. The game interface and graphics have been designed to be accessible via touch screen, meaning that a phone and tablet both offer smooth game play experiences. Keep in mind, however, that due to the high quality nature of the game’s graphics and animation that old mobile phones, and even old laptops, with low resources may struggle to process the game smoothly.

If you find that the game stutters, hangs, or crashes, it is a symptom that your playing device is not powerful enough to handle the game. In this case, it is recommended you try a different platform, or upgrade your device. In most cases a tablet or laptop will have more available resources then a mobile phone. When downloading the game on your mobile phone, from Google Play Store or Apple iStore, look for a notification that says the game is compatible with your model of phone to avoid inconvenience.